Frequently asked questions

1. Can we list our domain names on your site?

Sorry, We do not allow other companies to list their domain names on this site. All domain names for sale are owned by us.

2. Do you buy domain names?

We prefer to find our own domain names to buy. Most of our names are caught as they became available.

3. If I buy a domain name can you put it in an account for me?

Yes, we can push a domain or create a new account for you. Or the domain name can be transferred to the register of your choice.

4. How do you transfer UK domains?

UK domain names require a transfer fee and form which we will request from Nominet.

5. How do you transfer .com .net .org .info .biz domains?

Your details will be added to the whois details at the register of the domain name and the password changed on the account.